Why is texting and driving so dangerous?

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2023 | Personal Injury |

There are many different types of distractions that can reduce your ability to drive safely. Some of these include talking on your cell phone, eating, switching the radio and looking at your phone to get directions.

But one of the most common and dangerous forms of distracted driving is texting and driving. There are several reasons why distracted driving is an activity you should avoid when you put your vehicle in motion.

Minimized focus on driving

In 2021, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 3,522 people died in accidents caused by distracted driving, many of which occurred because of texting and driving. When you drive, your attention should be solely on the road ahead. Texting diverts your focus, making it difficult to react quickly to unexpected situations.

Reduced reaction times

Texting while driving impairs your reaction time. When you glance at your phone to read or send a message, you take your attention away from the road for an extended period.

Impaired decision-making

Texting hinders your ability to make sound decisions on the road. You may miss important signs, signals or even the behavior of other drivers. This impaired decision-making can result in poor judgment, leading to avoidable accidents.

Inability to maintain lane control

When you become engrossed in a text conversation, your ability to maintain proper lane control diminishes. Drifting into other lanes or swerving unexpectedly becomes a real possibility. This not only endangers your own life but puts others at risk.

Although you may try to avoid texting and driving whenever possible, other drivers may not be as diligent. If you got injured in an accident caused by a driver texting or engaging in another distracting activity, take steps to protect your interests.