Pursuing Maximum Compensation For Injured People

Taking On Manufacturers That Produce Defective Medical Devices

For more than a half-century, medical devices have had a positive impact on people’s lives. Some allow people to live longer or better maintain everyday activities without pain. Other devices provide extra convenience to people’s lives or boost their self-esteem. But sometimes, they malfunction, causing additional pain and injury, and, sometimes, death.

Now, you’re dealing with a defective medical device. A terrible medical blunder was made by the device manufacturer or the physician and health care staff. Now, you find yourself at a life’s crossroads. Updike, Nicely & Crawford, PLC, in Covington, Virginia, is an experienced medical malpractice law firm. And we are prepared to fight for you.

Representing Clients Who Have Been Wronged

We will go after the companies that brought these products to the market. We will go after the health care professionals who made surgical mistakes along the way. Manufacturers should know better. Before introducing a medical device to the market, they must be certain that it works, it is safe to use and it will not malfunction, causing additional health problems for patients. And health care professionals must be competent.

For nearly 30 years, we have represented clients in medical malpractice cases. We have the results and the skills to represent in defective medical device cases involving:

  • Heart-related devices such as pacemakers, valves, and stents that may malfunction, leak or break
  • Replacement implants that are faulty, such as artificial knees and hips
  • Shunts and insulin pumps that are ineffective
  • Gynecological devices that may cause infection, miscarriages and infertility
  • Faulty cosmetic implants for breasts, buttocks, cheeks and chin

If dangers exist with a medical device, the manufacturer must warn health care professionals and the public. When they don’t, people can lose their lives. Our team of experienced attorneys will fight for you to secure fair and just compensation.

Experienced, Knowledgeable And Offers Free Consultations

The residents of Southwest Virginia can count on the legal advice of Updike, Nicely & Crawford, PLC, in Covington. We have the experience and skills to fight manufacturers and insurance companies in cases involving defective medical devices. We achieve results and are well-respected by our peers. We charge no attorney’s fees unless we win your case. We provide free consultations, so contact us or call at 540-962-4986.