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Families who entrust their loved ones to the care of nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other elder care facilities do so with the expectation that doctors, nurses and staff will uphold the highest standards of care. When caregivers fail in their duty to provide adequate care to residents, they can cause serious injury, as well as significant pain to entire families.

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Injuries common in a nursing home or assisted living facility context include:

  • Pressure ulcers (also known as bedsores)
  • Adverse reactions due to medication errors
  • Injuries resulting from slips, trips and falls

These serious injuries can occur when a nurse or aide makes a mistake, such as giving a patient incorrect medication or improperly performing a medical procedure. However, many injuries arise from negligent supervision or lack of patient care. This negligence can result in bedsores for bedridden patients and create hazardous conditions that lead to accidents causing serious injury or death.

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