Pursuing Maximum Compensation For Injured People

Holding Surgeons Accountable For Mistakes

A mistake can occur in any surgery, whether a routine procedure or a major operation. It can lead to permanent and debilitating injuries that alter your life.

At Updike, Nicely & Crawford, PLC,  our attorneys provide compassionate and effective representation to people injured by medical malpractice. Known for our experience and proven record of results, we can help you and your family pursue rightful compensation for your injuries.

From our office in Covington, we serve clients in Alleghany County and throughout Virginia.

What Type Of Surgical Error Harmed You?

Surgical mistakes can happen for many reasons, including negligence related to alcohol or substance abuse, incompetence, fatigue, and poor communication between the health care professionals performing your procedure. These mistakes can lead to pain, infections, permanent injuries and, in some cases, death.

In surgery, you expect and hope for positive results, not unnecessary and preventable complications. We are understanding, compassionate and prepared to fight insurance companies and negligent health care organizations on your behalf.

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