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Car Accidents

Car crashes causing serious injuries can happen anywhere. Whether in a congested urban area or on less-traveled country roads, it only takes a second for a distracted, drunk, impaired, reckless or otherwise negligent driver to cause serious injuries.

Updike, Nicely & Crawford, PLC is a law firm committed to helping victims receive fair compensation for their injuries, pain and suffering and other financial losses. We know that it can often be frustrating and discouraging when negligent drivers refuse to accept responsibility or insurance companies underestimate the value of a claim. This is why we insist on our clients receiving fair and just compensation.

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What Has This Accident Cost You?

Our attorneys handle all types of car accident and insurance claims. This encompasses trucks, motorcycles, drunk, distracted or fatigued drivers and the full gamut of possible injury claims.

While every case is unique, compensation should be paid for various elements of damage, including:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Physical and mental pain and suffering
  • Loss of income
  • Loss of future earning potential
  • Bodily injuries
  • Scarring, disfigurmenet and humiliation

We work aggressively to ensure that our clients receive the full compensation they deserve. In the process, we will always keep you informed about your case. With our firm, you can always reach out and speak to a lawyer when needed.

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