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Your Answers To FAQs About Medical Diagnostic Errors

Diagnostic errors are a frequent cause of medical malpractice claims. With the right team of knowledgeable medical professionals, such errors should not occur. Far too often, however, missed, wrong or delayed diagnoses cause terrible harm.

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What are diagnostic errors?

A diagnostic error occurs when a physician or health care professional fails to diagnose or makes an incorrect diagnosis of a patient’s medical issue. A delayed diagnosis can also be a serious error.

Such mistakes can lead to serious medical complications, causing permanent injury and even death. This is especially true if cancer is involved.

What are some reasons for diagnostic errors?

Sloppy and incomplete work by a doctor can lead to diagnostic errors. A health care professional may rush to conclusions without having thoroughly reviewed the patient’s medical history.

In other cases, errors made in medical records or failure to coordinate care among various specialists can lead to critical diagnostic errors.

What conditions, illnesses or diseases are among the most commonly misdiagnosed?

There are many. The list includes cancer, heart attack, stroke, fibromyalgia, aortic dissection, pulmonary embolism, diabetes, celiac disease, Lyme disease and irritable bowel syndrome.

What are my options if I suspect a diagnostic error by my physician?

Contact an experienced medical malpractice attorney to learn about the legal options for pursuing compensation. A diagnostic error made by a health care professional can be devastating for you and your family. Our law firm will help you respond.

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