The prevalence of e-scooter accidents

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If you like to ride an e-scooter for fun or because this method of transportation is more convenient and cost-efficient, you need to review the risks you face. Whether you rent an e-scooter or ride your own, a damaged scooter could cause you to become involved in an accident. Additionally, if you ride near moving vehicles, a reckless driver could hit you.

It is crucial to review statistics on e-scooter accidents to understand how prevalent these crashes have become.

E-scooter accident injuries have increased

The Consumer Product Safety Commission draws attention to e-scooter accident injuries, which increased significantly between 2017 and 2020. The CPSC reports that in 2017, e-scooter accidents led to 7,700 emergency department visits. In 2020, this increased to 25,400.

In fact, injuries associated with all micro-mobility products (including e-bikes and hoverboards) went up between 2017 and 2020. During 2017, 34,000 emergency room visits occurred as a result of accidents involving micromobility products, and this went up to 57,800 in 2020.

E-scooter accident risks

Some accidents occur due to damaged e-scooters, such as damage to handlebars, lights, brakes and tires. Additionally, many of these accidents happen because of negligent drivers, such as those who speed when visibility is poor, drive drunk or use their phone instead of focusing on the road.

After an e-scooter accident, you could suffer a serious head or neck injury or struggle with broken bones. You might face financial hardships due to missing work or hospital bills. It is crucial to stay focused on all aspects of your recovery in the wake of an e-scooter accident.