Running red lights and traffic accidents

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While driving, you could find yourself involved in a traffic collision due to various risk factors. Drivers who use their phones, drink alcohol or operate a vehicle while struggling with fatigue cause many serious collisions each year.

Additionally, many accidents occur because drivers fail to pay attention to traffic signs, such as following the speed limit, yielding or stopping when the light turns red. Sadly, those who run red lights cause many collisions on an annual basis. It is crucial to understand the prevalence of this problem and the impact of running red lights.

Data on running red lights

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention discusses failure to stop at red lights, which significantly increases the likelihood of a traffic accident. During 2018, accidents that occurred due to drivers running red lights resulted in the loss of 846 lives in the U.S. alone. In addition to claiming lives, many of these accidents also result in serious injuries.

During 2022, communities in 22 states used automated cameras at red lights to enforce the law.

Addressing an accident caused by a red light violation

If you became injured or lost a loved one in an accident due to another driver failing to stop at a red light, you need to hold them accountable. Try to obtain as much evidence as possible, which might include footage from a camera installed at a red light.

Although you could face many hardships due to the accident, such as a debilitating injury, it is important to hold a negligent driver accountable for running a red light.