How to talk with aging parents about safe driving

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The ability to drive offers citizens a valuable level of independence. Nonetheless, getting behind the wheel remains a privilege, not a right. Many older people take their licenses for granted. They fail to recognize how aging can impair their safety and endanger others.

For adult children with parents of a certain age, trouble may be brewing. A mother or father may be exhibiting signs of degraded driving abilities. Younger generations must broach this sensitive issue to stave off an accident.

Before the discussion

Talking with a loved one about safe driving can be difficult. It helps to plan the most palatable delivery. One person may be a more effective communicator than another, so pick carefully. Also, it remains vital that the conversation be one-on-one. Having fewer people present will reduce the odds of embarrassment or feeling ambushed.

During the discussion

Giving reasons for raising the subject may help soften the blow. There are many examples of observations worthy of concern. Getting lost on familiar roads, running red lights and fresh dents on vehicles are but a few. Make a list so all receive mention.

After the discussion

Even if the parent is unreceptive to change, there are steps one may take to increase safety. An evaluation from a primary care physician might be necessary to get the point across. In senior centers, everything an older person could need is available in one place. Another tactic is bringing up transportation alternatives, such as busses and rideshare services.

Making sure roads remain danger-free requires removing unsafe drivers from the streets. Bringing up the topic with an older individual is often a challenge. Thus, a careful approach remains paramount.