What are a few common explanations for erratic driving?

On Behalf of | May 1, 2023 | Personal Injury |

People love to drive. Besides offering the freedom to travel from place to place, gearheads relish the thrill of revving motors.

Unfortunately, sometimes motorists are reckless, putting themselves, as well as responsible operators, in danger. Varying rationales exist for why someone might disregard common sense and cruise around town ignoring traffic laws. It is worth understanding the mindsets that lead to such risky behavior.

Reason #1: The violator may be running late

Society puts a value on accomplishing as much as possible. Thus, there remains a persistent temptation to overschedule. When this happens, the harried person might try making up time by exceeding the speed limit or running red lights. Both decisions can lead to tragedy.

Reason #2: The violator may have internalized behaviors

People are products of their environments. As such, they tend to adopt the habits of those around them. For example, witnessing drivers tailgating might spur them to do the same. There is also the influence of parents on children, who set the stage for how younger ones should think and act. Teenagers sometimes need an accident to frighten them into a more mature attitude.

Reason #3: The violator may feel a sense of invincibility

Additionally, teens feel as though they are immortal. Psychologists refer to this attitude as adolescent egocentrism. This way of thinking typically disappears with age. Regardless, the consequences of a devastating accident are often irreversible.

No matter the reason for unsafe driving, wrecks can cause debilitating injuries. Those who suffer at the hands of a thoughtless motorist deserve compensation.