How can your phone gather evidence after a fall?

On Behalf of | May 16, 2023 | Premises Liability |

Slipping and falling in a public location can inflict a painful, possibly even disabling injury. Even if full recovery is possible, you probably will have expensive medical bills to deal with. However, the property owner might deny responsibility for your accident.

In the event negligence is the reason you fall, you should gather evidence of your accident. This assumes that you are awake and can act on your behalf after you fall. Here is a look at how your smartphone could assist you.

Taking pictures

In the event you can stand or just sit up, you could snap pictures of the accident scene. This is important as the property management might clean up the scene and remove evidence that floor damage or a spill caused your fall. While eyewitnesses may confirm your account of the fall, photographic evidence could be crucial if no one is around you during your accident.

Recording video

The video function in your phone is also important, and not just to record your surroundings. You can also record your interactions with people. Your phone recordings could confirm statements made by property employees as well as show that witnesses who support your account were on the scene.

A phone recording can also cover what you say to property managers. If they claim that you admitted fault in any way, your video may establish otherwise. Similarly, your phone can support your account of what property management has said to you.

Be sure to prioritize your health if you suffer a serious fall, which may involve remaining still until help arrives. Still, even a minor action such as switching on your phone recorder could help you when it comes time to establish fault for your injury.