What are possible causes of a radial nerve injury?

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

If you feel a burning or sharp pain in your hand or strange sensations in your fingers, you might have a problem with your radial nerve. This is the nerve located in your arm that helps you operate your wrist and your fingers, plus it controls some of the feelings in your hand.

According to Healthline, there are a variety of ways you can injure your radial nerve.

Types of injuries

Common causes of radial nerve damage include sports injuries, breaking your arm, or a work accident. Additionally, overuse can harm your radial nerves. Engaging in repetitive motions or poor lifting actions at work could cause pain in your hand or a loss of hand control.

Sometimes the work environment itself results in radial nerve problems. Repeated exposures to toxins such as lead can inflict damage on the nervous system, including the radial nerves. Infections could also be a source.

Issues during recovery

Radial nerve problems may also manifest during your recovery. Not using your crutches correctly can result in finger or hand pain. Your posture could also be the problem. Some patients sleep with their upper arm in a crooked spot or they constrict a wrist for too long. Health problems such as inflammation or retaining fluids may also harm your radial nerves.

It is important to ask questions regarding your recovery so your doctors can address your care and help you avoid complications. If your condition qualifies for workers’ compensation, be sure to learn about your prospective rehab and recovery treatments so you may factor them into your benefits.