How do brain injuries manifest?

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Brain injuries are among the most problematic injury types that a person can suffer from. It is important to understand how they manifest in order to get proper treatment.

Categorizing and classifying brain injuries early on can also help victims and their families understand what to expect as the victim heals from the wound.

Mild head injury symptoms

Mayo Clinic discusses injury and trauma to the brain. Trauma happens in various ways and the impact will differ from person to person based on a number of factors, including but not limited to the victim’s health, age and the type of damage they suffered from.

Mild head injuries typically have less noticeable manifestations. In fact, some people do not even know they have a head injury because of how mild it appears.

Victims with this type of head injury could experience a brief period of dizziness, mild to moderate head pains or headaches, slightly blurred vision that improves with time, trouble concentrating and difficulty with balance for a short period.

How moderate to severe injuries manifest

Comparatively, the effects of moderate to severe head injuries are often easy to spot and last for quite some time. This can include physical effects like blurred vision, blackout vision, extreme head pains or headaches, or unconsciousness.

It can include mental effects as well, like forgetfulness, amnesia, and sudden, severe mood swings.

It is important for sufferers of head injuries to get quick treatment for the best possible outcome. Thus, identifying the severity of the injury can go a long way.