How severe can burn injuries become?

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Burn injuries are never a pleasant thing to deal with. However, some burn injuries are much more devastating than others.

The worst burn injuries fall into the category of third-degree burns. But just how bad can these burns get?

Types of burn injuries

Healthline discusses the severity of burn injuries. To understand burn severity, it is important to understand the different levels of burn injury.

First-degree burns are the least harmful, affecting only the outermost layer of the skin.  Second-degree burns, or partial thickness burns, can extend down to the second layer of skin and usually result in worse pain and blisters. Third-degree burns, or full-thickness burns, can extend even beyond the muscle. They can even burn the bone, depending on the severity of the injury.

The damage behind third-degree burns

Third-degree burns cause the most damage and require the most medical attention. Victims may not even feel pain with this type of burn due to the thorough and potentially widespread damage to nerves that may occur.

Burns of this degree usually appear white or black instead of the typical red. Blistering may occur. Due to the open wound created by the burn, the victim is also at a high risk for potential infection. Even serious infections like sepsis may occur.

Scarring is also a major concern for survivors of third-degree burn injuries, especially scarring on the face. Finally, mental health help, i.e., through a psychologist or therapist, may help victims continue to mentally recover from the traumatic experience of receiving such a severe injury.