What are the dangers of mixing alcohol with medicines?

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Drinking and driving can be a bad combination. Drinking soon before or after taking medication can also be a dangerous mix if you get behind the wheel. It is possible for medicine acting in conjunction with alcohol to cause a serious automobile accident.

Many people are aware that alcohol can reduce reaction time, minimize alertness, and cause fatigue. The NIHAA explains that the same may happen if alcohol and some medicines interact inside the human body.

The effects of medicines

Some medicines can make you drowsy or dizzy. These effects may not stop you from performing most everyday tasks. However, since alcohol can also make you feel tired or impact your ability to concentrate, drinking a beer or two can intensify the effects of medicine. So even if you have a small amount of alcohol, you could become intoxicated while driving.

Alcohol in medicines

Some medications already contain a small amount of alcohol. Laxative and cough syrup are some examples. Taking alcohol-containing medicine soon before or after having an alcoholic drink could make you drunk, particularly if you do not have a high alcohol tolerance.

Check ingredients in medicines

One way to know if your medicine will not mix well with alcohol is to check the label. It should list the ingredients of the medicine, including ones that cause problems if mixed with alcohol. A pharmacist could also explain to you the risk of taking the medicine with an alcoholic beverage.

These steps may help ensure that you drive safely. Another driver who does not take appropriate steps to drive sober and hits you on the road could become liable for your damages.