Do distractions make a difference when truck accidents happen?

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

As you pass by trucks on the road, you may notice that some do not stay within their own lanes or drive without swerving around. The source of this unsteady driving can be because they are too distracted by other items or places to stay focused on people around them.

These actions can lead to serious accidents and injuries, including spinal cord problems and brain trauma.

Looking another way

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one major part of distracted driving is a driver taking their eyes off of oncoming traffic. This may happen when they choose to stare at billboards or pedestrians alongside the road instead of what is in front of them.

Keeping their eyes facing front and not looking down at their phones is also important for safe driving.

Forgetting to be cautious

Long hours driving a truck and traveling only on straight highways can also lull some drivers into almost falling asleep. When they do relax this much, it can be easy to think of other topics rather than keep their attention on the cars around them.

Even a small turn of the steering wheel can lead to a large truck sideswiping a smaller vehicle. When a trucker gets too distracted, they could even forget to use turn signals.

Failing to react in time

When a car turns in front of them or tries to switch lanes, distracted truckers may fail to notice another vehicle in their way. Since truck drivers sit higher up in their vehicles, their ability to see around the truck is different than someone in a car.

Distractions can seriously impact how severe a car crash and any injuries are for you and anyone else.