Know the facts about buzzed driving

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Many people may think that they can drive safely as long as their blood alcohol concentration is lower than .08%. However, it can be dangerous for people to drive buzzed.

According to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, people drive buzzed when they have a BAC level of at least .02%. Even a small amount of alcohol can begin to impair a person’s senses. This may cause them to get into a collision. In 2019, alcohol played a role in 32% of the deaths that resulted from car accidents.

Does buzzed driving result in a DUI?

In Virginia, law enforcement officials consider people to be drunk if they have a BAC level of .08%. However, they may sometimes charge people with DUI even if their BAC level is lower than this. If people are under the age of 21, buzzed driving may also result in a charge of illegally consuming alcohol.

What does buzzed driving look like?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a BAC level of .02% causes people to lose some of their visual functions. People may also have difficulty multitasking. If people have a BAC level of .05%, they may have more trouble steering their vehicle. They may also find it difficult to track objects in motion, such as pedestrians, bikers and other cars. Additionally, people may be unable to react in time if they encounter an emergency situation on the road.

Because the consequences of a drunk driving accident can sometimes be fatal, people may want to prevent themselves and others from driving buzzed. People should pick a designated driver or call a taxi if they think they or someone else may be too impaired to drive.