DUI manslaughter charges follow fatal collision in Roanoke

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Those people who drive on Virginia’s roads and highways assume an inherent risk whenever they get behind the wheel. Yet few likely give this risk a second thought due to the assumption that most others on the road with them also take the necessary steps to see to their own safety (as well as that of others).

There are those rare occasions, however, where one may meet a negligent driver on the road. While they have no control over these encounters, they often must bear the brunt of the consequences of the other driver’s actions.

Drunk driver collides with several vehicles in Roanoke

One need only look at a recent accident that occurred in Roanoke to confirm this fact. The local CBS News affiliate reports that authorities responded to a collision on Orange Avenue. They found only one of the vehicles involved in the crash, whose occupants reported only minor injuries. As officials investigated the scene, they received a call regarding a second collision nearby. They arrived to find that the vehicle that caused the earlier collision was also responsible for the second. Its driver sustained injuries in that collision; authorities arrested him on drunk driving charges after he received treatment. Those charges increased to DUI manslaughter after officials learned one of the victims of the second crash died from her injuries.

Compensation following a drunk driving accident

Drunk drivers who cause car accidents typically face criminal charges for their actions. Accident victims looking for compensation for their injuries and vehicle repair costs may think they must wait until criminal proceedings conclude before they can pursue their claim. Yet that is not the case; their claim can occur in conjunction with a criminal case. Having reliable legal assistance in their corner may help increase their chances for success in such an endeavor.