Young bikers beware of these safety concerns

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Any bicyclist who rides near traffic faces the possibility of an accident. However, young bicyclists are sometimes especially likely to become involved in a bicycle accident for various reasons. Whether you are a young bicyclist or you are worried about your child’s safety, it is imperative to focus on road safety and take steps to prevent an accident (such as reviewing precautionary measures and ensuring that a proper helmet is worn at all times).

Sadly, many young bicyclists pass away and sustain debilitating injuries as a result of traffic accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 857 bicyclists lost their lives in traffic accidents during 2018.

The risks they face

Riding a bicycle is sometimes dangerous as a result of inexperience with respect to avoiding reckless drivers. Sometimes, older bicyclists are able to recognize an erratic driver’s behavior and avoid an accident, but some bicyclists (such as young children) are unfamiliar with these threats. Moreover, very young bicyclists riding small bikes are sometimes more difficult for drivers to notice, increasing the odds of an accident.

A lifetime of consequence

When a young person is involved in a bicycle wreck, they often face unique challenges. For example, some have a hard time in school because of the physical or emotional hardships of an accident, while others have to come to terms with the reality that they will never walk again. Sadly, many negligent drivers are responsible for these hardships and wrecks that were completely avoidable, and they cannot get away with their actions.