How can drivers stay safe around trucks?

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

As with any large vehicle, trucks can easily be the source of many accidents, especially for a car or motorcycle.

Creating good habits for yourself, as well as staying aware of the traffic around you, may help you to share the road with trucks and avoid unexpected situations that might otherwise lead to a collision.

Stay aware of blind spots

According to the National Law Review, many truck drivers often fail to see drivers in certain areas on the road. Blind spots on the right and left of a truck, along with spots in the direct front and back, can obscure your car from view. As a precaution, make sure to not swerve suddenly or follow directly behind a truck. When the truck goes to turn off on an exit ramp, the driver may mistakenly assume no one is there. Leaving plenty of space between you and the truck gives you more time to react if the truck driver makes a sudden lane change or exit.

Use proper signals

Turning on your headlights is one way to help alert passing trucks of your presence. Heavy rain or sleet, along with snow flurries, make it tough for those sitting higher up in the driver’s seat of a truck to see you. Using your headlights in the dark also helps truck drivers to gauge how far away they are from the center of the road, which can help prevent accidents with you or another car.

Concentrate on your surroundings

It may seem obvious that you need to keep an eye on the truck next to you, but it is also important to not become so focused on other vehicles that you mistakenly skid off the road. Staying vigilant may help you avoid an accident if a truck driver is being careless on the road.