Keep children safe while swimming this summer

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You already know you should watch your kids every second while they are swimming. According to the Red Cross, however, 69% of childhood drownings occur when parents did not know the child was near the water. 

Keep little ones safe this summer with these essential swimming pool safety tips. 

Create Secure Barriers 

If you have an in-ground pool at home, use four-sided fencing with a self-latching gate around the pool. The Red Cross notes that this type of fence decreases the risk of drowning by 83% compared to a three-sided fence that abuts the property line. Secure and lock an above-ground pool when not in use, removing ladders, steps and objects that a child could use to access the water. 

What if your neighbor has a pool without proper security? Prevent your children from leaving the home without your knowledge by installing secure door and window locks along with alarms. 

Designate a Responsible Adult 

Sometimes, tragedy occurs when one adult thinks the other is supervising children in the pool and vice versa. Make sure everyone knows who the responsible person is whenever children are in the pool. That person should stay close to the water and should not engage in other activities, including texting or reading. You should always designate an adult in your party to watch kids in the water, even at pools and beaches where a lifeguard is present.  

Teach Children To Swim 

When your child has proper training, he or she will be able to stay afloat in the water. Look for swimming classes in your area with instructors with certification from the Red Cross. Before children know how to swim (and even after), make sure they wear a life jacket approved by the U.S. Coast Guard whenever they are near the water. 

These three tips help decrease drowning danger for young children. When a child experiences a water accident at an unsafe public or private pool, the pool owner may have legal liability for the resulting injury.